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"My pastry comes from an instinct, from a scent that has stayed in me, from the feeling of a moment, many times from a memory of a trip; I find myself always curious, alert, I let myself be seduced by all that it is new and different ... this is what happens when I travel: I like to get in touch with the raw materials that I meet through my hands and eyes; travelling without experiencing, without being innermost touched and engaged has little meaning and value.
Then when you get back home, you find a common thread, it arises magically brought by a fruit, a spice, a scent, a dream ... threads link to each other and give identity to an idea, which materializes in and a concrete proposal. I like that my ideas talk about this, that they mix and live, that they recall a story and maintain however the ability of referring to tradition with new points of view and without conditionings which alter its identity.."